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Giving the Gift of Yoga by Doing It

Have you ever wondered how you could help bring the gift of yoga to those in need? What if we told you that giving yoga was just as simple as doing yoga? The local grassroots organization Yogis4Yoga is setting out to do just that. Yogis4Yoga creator, Dana Damara, founder of Zen Flow Yoga in Vancouver, Washington, started the organization as a way to provide yoga scholarships to individuals in her local community who lack the resources necessary to utilize yoga as their healing modality. Yogis4Yoga wishes to demystify the belief that yoga is about being a pretzel and educate others about its true healing powers.  The organization’s vision is to affirm and share that yoga is modern health care. The goal of Yogis4Yoga is to provide yoga scholarships through grants created by the generosity of other yogis and yoginis in the community who are taking classes, attending workshops and participating in YogiGlow events.…
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Bhakti Soul Fund

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The aim of the Bhakti Soul Fund is to serve our local community by raising awareness and financial support for individuals in crisis and non-profit organizations.  Through events at our affiliated yoga studio, The Bhaktishop, and it’s far reaching website, we receive donations to be distributed to those in need on a monthly basis.  …
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Don’t Miss out on the Living Yoga Yogathon

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We are one week into May, which means one week into the 3rd annual Living Yoga Yogathon–the fundraising event that celebrates and shares yoga to encourage personal change. Focused on bringing yoga to people in prisons, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and transitional facilities, Living Yoga is making great strides in Oregon and Washington. Here’s the gist: the more yoga you practice, the more yoga you give. When you commit to making it to your mat, you raise funds to support Living Yoga programs. So the more down dog you do, the more strength, ease, empowerment, and peace you bring to Living Yoga students who would not otherwise have access to yoga. Interested? There is still plenty of time left this month to dedicate your yoga practice.…
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Living Yoga

A non-profit outreach program teaching yoga as a tool for personal change to disadvantaged individuals in prisons, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and transitional facilities. The populations we serve have something in common: they are all imprisoned in some way. Some live behind walls and barbed wire, others in the personal prisons created by addiction and abuse.  As they open to the grace of yoga, we see them stepping into new ways of being; developing balance, flexibility, strength and freedom in their lives. website…
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Standing on Your Own Two Feet

Standing on Your Own Two FeetTM is a non-profit program of Holiday’s Health & Fitness Yoga. The objective of the program is to encourage the development of potential in young people through the practice & wisdom of yoga. The course emphasizes fitness with awareness, personal development, self-esteem, & the importance of lifelong health habits.…
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Street Yoga

Street Yoga is dedicated to the teachings and practices of yoga as a way to live in the world. It is our mission to share these life building practices with at-risk youth. We began as a volunteer fueled grassroots organization and have blossomed into a small non-profit organization. Thank you for your support! website…
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